Teach Your Kids The Skills They Need To Get Through Tough Times

SoulAdvisor | 6 Oct 2020
Teach Your Kids The Skills They Need To Get Through Tough Times

Conscious parenting is about more than just looking after our kids -- we’re shaping a generation who will value looking after our planet as well as themselves. Setting an example by being the change we wish to see is a crucial part of this, but so is being sensitive to the challenges our children face.

Writing for The Guardian, Australia edition, Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks about six realistic ways to help our children become more resilient. An experienced GP, author and television personality, Dr Chatterjee points out that nurturing inner strength can be as simple as applying these gentle yet profound ideas through our parenting.

  • Regularly give each child your undivided attention at natural moments such as bathtime, when you can really connect and be present for them.
  • Support natural sleeping patterns by reducing screen time before lights out.
  • Encourage “movement snacking” -- bite-sized doses of regular exercise to build psychological as well as physical health.
  • Help them realise good things take time, using board games or learning a musical instrument to teach delayed gratification.
  • Add a fun element to healthy eating by trying 26 different plant-based foods over a month, one for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Make gratitude a habit by reflecting with your child about things like what made them happy during the day, instead of the boring default questions.


Six Ways To Raise A Resilient Child | The Guardian

Dr Rangan Chatterjee 

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