Illuminate - Nourish

Illuminate - Nourish

Thursday 8 September 2022, 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Online via Zoom
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Welcome to the SoulAdvisor Illuminate series.

We have created this monthly series as a way to explore the overarching principles that guide our wellness practice.

September's theme is Nourish.

We are holding this panel  on RUOK Day to highlight the need for ongoing  deep nourishment of your mind, body and soul to hold strong when life takes its inevitable twists and turns.

Nourishing yourself is all about taking exquisite care of every aspect of your life.

When we look after ourselves, there are ripple effects across our lives - our wellness, relationships and how we turn up. Through proactively healing oneself, one contributes to the healing of the world.

It's about finding that physical activity that brings you joy rather than dread, knowing what foods make YOU feel good, and putting rituals in place to sleep well and have a calm mind.

How do you nourish yourself?

Most practitioners and therapists spend much of their time helping their clients put self care first and to establish lifestyles that will support their ongoing health and happiness.

In this session the following practitioners step off the page to explain how they nourish themselves when the going gets tough. Listen in to the strategies that they have tried, tested and maybe adopted.

Jo Voight
, a counsellor and death walker with 35 years as a yoga and meditation teacher
Loraine Arnold
, an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor who has lectured in both 
Gini Eagle
, a long-term Reiki Master, social worker, yoga and meditation teacher who has written a guidebook to Awakening

Join us at 12.30pm and be part of this eye opening panel discussion. Listen, reflect, share your views and let's build on our collective knowledge.

We encourage you to connect with our online practitioners and learn more about counselling, psychotherapy and reiki.

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SoulAdvisor is an emerging global health and wellness company founded in Australia that offers access to a growing collective of qualified practitioners. SoulAdvisor’s purpose is to be a global facilitator of health and wellness through access, education and advancement of traditional and complementary therapies.

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This event has passed
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