Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy

How can beauty therapy nourish you?

Some say beauty is only skin deep, but when talking about how you look, your skin is usually one main area that comes to mind. Originally, the treatments used for natural skin care were different from beauty products processed with synthetic chemicals. It is believed that some of the earliest natural skincare products were developed by the Indus Valley civilisation of ancient India some 4,500 years ago as part of Ayurveda, or traditional Indian medicine.

The ancient Egyptians are believed to have used natural oils of moringa, castor and sesame to eliminate wrinkles and give their skin a tighter appearance. The word ‘cosmetics’, meanwhile, stems from the Greek ‘kosmetikos’. The ancient Greeks are said to have used olive oil to moisturise their skin, and make a paste from berries and milk as a common skincare treatment.

Benefits of beauty therapy

There are good reasons why some of the staple items used in ancient skin care are so effective. Cleopatra was famously rumoured to bathe in milk; the lactic acid it contains can smooth the skin by gently dissolving dead cells

Lactic acid can also hydrate the skin by increasing its natural moisturising factor, or its capacity for retaining water molecules. Honey, one of the most popular ingredients in ancient skincare, has humectant, antibacterial and antioxidant qualities. It also contains vitamins and minerals that can nourish the skin.

What to expect from a beauty therapy session

During a beauty treatment using natural skin care, you will be asked to choose a particular area to be treated. Your practitioner will assess your skin’s individual requirements and make recommendations about the most appropriate treatment to bring out the best in your skin.

The products you will have to choose from may include organic pastes, natural-based ointments and essential oils. Your natural skincare practitioner will also tell you about any potential allergens that might be among the ingredients, and personalise your treatment to your skin type and condition. The duration of the session will depend on your treatment of choice, and will often include options such as exfoliation or facial lymphatic drainage massage.


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