Healing Hub - Healing Country: We're all in this together

Healing Hub - Healing Country: We're all in this together

Tue, 21 Mar 2023
Be Here Nowra - Meditation, 1/62 North St, Nowra NSW 2541, Australia

As health and wellness practitioners, we are drawn to be of service. Collectively, we understand more than ever that our world needs us, and we need our world. It’s an intricate relationship.

Our Healing Hubs have been created with a vision of coming together in a nourishing environment to build a strength within Community and collectively play a role in reciprocal healing between ourselves and Country. 

These monthly gatherings form part of our overall Yuin Country Healing Trail, and are supported by a collaboration between SoulAdvisor and Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation.

Held on Harmony Day, which champions the fact that everyone belongs, we are pleased to have Walbunja Elder, Aunty Deidre Martin join us to have a yarn about “Healing Country: We are all in this together”.

Many of us walk around in a state of deprivation, despite being in the midst of plenty. In the busy-ness of life, we are similar to little ants - scurrying everywhere frantically, but missing the bigger picture. When we take a step back and widen our view, we suddenly see all of the opportunities available to us.

Aunty Deidre will share more about the concept of ‘plant blindness’, which refers to those that have more recently come to this continent’s inability to notice the plants in our surrounding environment. This lack of reverence for and sliding relationship with nature has seen us devolve in our reference to nature as ‘it’ rather than ‘thou’. Our society fails to acknowledge the vital role that plants have in our communal biosphere and the beauty they bring to our cultural and spiritual lives.

You will leave feeling inspired by First Nations knowledge systems and their significance, as Aunty Deidre encourages all of us to pause, listen and truly look.

Be a part of the conversation, mingle and mix with your fellow local practitioners, therapists and traditional healers and share a cuppa!

The intention of our Healing Hubs is to bring together allied, traditional, complementary and medical practitioners within the local area to connect, find ways to collaborate and create employment opportunities and networks of common focus within the wellness industry, inclusive of First Nation community members and the SoulAdvisor practitioner base.

REMEMBER: Bring along your business cards, brochures and offers for our "get to know me" table.

This is a free event, however donations to SoulAdvisor Foundation and Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there.


About the Yuin Healing Trail

Following the success of our 6 month Yuin Country Activation Program, SoulAdvisor and Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation are taking it to a whole new level in 2023 with the Yuin Healing Trail.

Commencing with our launch event on 5 May and culminating with the Yuin Healing Trail on 13-15 October, we’ll be running over 30 events that bring focus to the central role of Connecting to Country in the health of our communities. 

The Yuin Healing Trail, of which the monthly Healing Hubs are a component, will create a leadership role for First Nations in the Shoalhaven in co-designing ways to improve social, physical, mental and cultural wellbeing for all Peoples, and provide a framework of reciprocal healing between Country and Peoples.

Once successful, we aim to replicate our framework in other Countries across Australia.

You are warmly welcome to join the Yuin Healing Trail and all associated upcoming events to be part of this unfolding journey.

Express your interest to learn more about our vision and how you can contribute to play a role in healing in this nation.

 We all play a vital role in reciprocal healing.







Host and facilitators

Aunty Deidre Martin

Aunty Deidre Martin

Deidre Martin is a proud Walbanga woman of the Yuin Nation who has worked as a Discovery Ranger for NSW National Parks in the Shoalhaven region for over 20 years. In her business Bugiya Naway Buradja (which translates to Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow), Deidre is a cultural guide to the region. She runs bushtucker tours and shares her skills and knowledge of traditional basket weaving. As well as having a yaan with all of us, she will be sharing Walk Beside Me, a beautiful video and piece of work co-created with artist Erica Seccombeas, a Tellus Project which has recently been debuting at Bundanon.

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Be Here Nowra - Meditation, 1/62 North St, Nowra NSW 2541, Australia
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