Healing Hub -  A Generational Story of Healing - Summer Sky Wangalee Nganaparlee Unveils Her Art

Healing Hub - A Generational Story of Healing - Summer Sky Wangalee Nganaparlee Unveils Her Art

Saturday, 15 April 2023, 2pm to 4pm
55 Judith Dr, North Nowra NSW
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As health and wellness practitioners, we are drawn to be of service. Collectively, we understand more than ever that our world needs us, and we need our world. It’s an intricate relationship.

Our Healing Hubs have been created with a vision of coming together in a nourishing environment to build a strength within Community and collectively play a role in reciprocal healing between ourselves and Country. 

These monthly gatherings form part of our overall Yuin Country Healing Trail, and are supported by a collaboration between SoulAdvisor and Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation.

Family plays a vital role in our lives, fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness that is essential for collective wellbeing. When different generations come together, it creates a space for sharing stories, traditions and passing along wisdom from one generation down to the next.

This month, we have an incredible opportunity to meet all three generations of our local Yuin family, Jrumpinjinbah (Paul McLeod), his partner Vida Brown (Nganaparlee)  his daughter Justine Brown and his granddaughter and budding artist Summer Sky Wangalee Nganaparlee.

Together, they will be sharing the significance of family and the deep roots in Culture and Community for generational healing.

They are coming together with us to unveil the beauty and wonder of Summer Sky’s brand new piece of art, which will be showcased as part of the Yuin Healing Trail.

Be one of the very first to see this stunning piece while you mingle and mix with your fellow local practitioners, therapists and traditional healers and share a cuppa!

The intention of our Healing Hubs is to bring together allied, traditional, complementary and medical practitioners within the local area to connect, find ways to collaborate and create employment opportunities and networks of common focus within the wellness industry, inclusive of First Nation community members and the SoulAdvisor practitioner base.

REMEMBER: Bring along your business cards, brochures and offers for our "get to know me" table.

This is a free event, however donations to SoulAdvisor Foundation and Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there.



About the Yuin Healing Trail

Following the success of our 6 month Yuin Country Activation Program, SoulAdvisor and Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation are taking it to a whole new level in 2023 with the Yuin Healing Trail.

Commencing with our launch event on 5 May and culminating with the Yuin Healing Trail on 13-15 October, we’ll be running over 30 events that bring focus to the central role of Connecting to Country in the health of our communities. 

The Yuin Healing Trail, of which the monthly Healing Hubs are a component, will create a leadership role for First Nations in the Shoalhaven in co-designing ways to improve social, physical, mental and cultural wellbeing for all Peoples, and provide a framework of reciprocal healing between Country and Peoples.

Once successful, we aim to replicate our framework in other Countries across Australia.

You are warmly welcome to join the Yuin Healing Trail and all associated upcoming events to be part of this unfolding journey.

Express your interest to learn more about our vision and how you can contribute to play a role in healing in this nation.

 We all play a vital role in reciprocal healing.

Hosts and facilitators

Summer Sky Wangalee Nganaparlee

Summer Sky Wangalee Nganaparlee

"The peaceful presence of trees brings connection and a sense of calmness to all of us. When we are born, our placenta looks like the tree of life." Throughout Summer Sky’s life, whenever she’s felt lost or felt like she’s needed to heal, she went bush and sat with a tree. When she dreamt about what she should create for the Yuin Healing Trail, the vision of a tree came to her again.

Summer Sky is an up-and-coming artist in Yuin Country. She is looking forward to sharing more about the meaning and stories behind this stunning piece.

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This event has passed
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