Conscious Creation Circle

Conscious Creation Circle

29 September to 13 October 2022 (Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm)
Online via Zoom
This event has passed

What would your ideal week look like if you were in true alignment with your inner desires?

What would remain the same? What would change? What support mechanisms would you need to put in place, and what is currently holding you back?

Imagine pushing through creative stagnation, overcoming resistance and fear, and having more flow and ease in your everyday life.

Be inspired by others and set your own intentions by joining SoulAdvisor for our 21 day conscious creation program.

Kicking off on 29 September, we’ll come together for three consecutive Thursdays at 6.30-8.00pm AEST to lean into the power of meditation, journaling, self-reflection and sacred collaboration.

You’ll learn how to nurture your feminine energy to allow the right opportunities and people to come your way, while activating your masculine energy to take initiative, be consistent and pursue your dreams.

Held in a supportive online circle, you’ll connect with others who are on a similar path to get clear about your intentions, release what is not serving you, and share your challenges and joys.

This program is for those who are:

  • Seeking greater self-awareness and clarity around their true desires
  • Interested in finding an energetically balanced way to consciously create
  • Ready to commit to an exploratory journey and open themselves up to new possibilities
  • Curious to learn more about how to harness your feminine and masculine energies
  • Willing to explore their limiting belief systems
  • Want to be a part of a supportive community of co-creators

This program is not for those who:

  • Want quick fixes or expect overnight success. We are passionate about empowering you with sustainable and lasting change.
  • Are seeking a solutions-based approach. We are not here to solve, as you are the creator.
  • Are not open to sharing their joys and challenges or listening to others. We hold the space while encouraging and lifting each other up.
  • Cannot commit to 3 x 90 minute virtual circles on 29 September, 6 October and 13 October. We are calling in those who are ready and willing to come together collaboratively for the full program.

If you’re ready to get clear on your “why”, re-ignite your inner spark and passion, and be fulfilled with meaningful work and vibrant relationships, we’d love to be in circle with you.

Join us and let’s encourage and lift each other up to centre ourselves in our own creative power.

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SoulAdvisor is an emerging global health and wellness company founded in Australia that offers access to a growing collective of qualified practitioners. SoulAdvisor’s purpose is to be a global facilitator of health and wellness through access, education and advancement of traditional and complementary therapies.

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