Women's Winter Rest Retreat in Siem Reap

Women's Winter Rest Retreat in Siem Reap

8 - 15 Jun 2024
Siem Reap, Cambodia
$2879 to $3176 AUD

What more could you want?

  • Private rooms in 2 bedroom apartments - 1 king-size room with an ensuite and a smaller room with a private bathroom
  • Daily breakfast at Angkor Grace Cafe.
  • Five lunches and three dinners.
  • Transfers to and from the airport.
  • A three-day temple pass, transport, and female guide.
  • Floating villages.
  • Tuk-tuk rides into town - so much more fun than a taxi.
  • Lotus Farm and APOPO Hero Rat Sanctuary.
  • Blissful sound journeys with Mignon.
  • A gift voucher for the onsite spa with traditional Kmer Massage
  • Access to the onsite bio pool and jacuzzi and gym
  • Yoga and Qigong available

Hosts and facilitators

Mignon Mukti

Mignon Mukti

After 25 years in the wellness industry, Mignon is a widely known and well-respected biodynamic craniosacral therapist, sound healer and energy healer.

The focus of her work is about bringing all who she works with home to themselves, to be grounded, balanced and resourced to deal with life.

She uses a combination of her healing modalities, centring on the “tides of the body” to settle the nervous system, tuning the chakras and bringing it back into balance.


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Siem Reap, Cambodia
$2879 to $3176 AUD
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