Movie Night - Inferno Without Borders - Cudmirrah

Movie Night - Inferno Without Borders - Cudmirrah

Wed, 12 Jul 2023
32 Collier Drive, Cudmirrah NSW

The apocalyptic 2019-2020 Australian bush fires were a dire warning: respect the environment and listen to Indigenous wisdom, or our world will become an unlivable nightmare. 

Currently accepted bush management techniques bear little resemblance to the 60,000 plus years of wisdom and understanding that Australia’s Indigenous nations have evolved, including the rich relationship of fire and healthy Country.

The award-winning film Inferno Without Borders by Sandrine Charruyer is a thought-provoking and powerful film, exploring the underlying major issues with bush management and Australia’s part in contributing to global warming. 

Among its many accolades are a number of revered film awards across Australia and internationally, including:

  • Melbourne Documentary Film Festival - Feature Documentary - 2022 Winner 
  • Melbourne Documentary Film Festival - Best Australian Feature Documentary - 2022 Nominee
  • Australian Screen Sound Guild - Best Achievement in Sound for a Documentary - 2022 Nominee
  • CLIMAX Awards - Documentary Feature - 2022 Nominee
  • Festival Internacional Filmambiente de Rio de Janeiro - Feature Documentary - 2022 Winner
  • FILMHAUS: Berlin Film + New Media Competition - Best Nature Documentary - 2022 Nominee
  • SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest - Best Documentary Cinematography - 2022 Nominee 
  • SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest - Best Expository Documentary - 2022 Nominee 
  • SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest  - Best Feature Documentary - 2022 Nominee 
  • Nature Without Borders International Film Festival - Wildlife/Nature Documentaries - Winner 2021

We invite you to come together with fellow Yuin Country locals and visitors to experience this renowned film in the comfort of your own local hall.

Hosted by SoulAdvisor and Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation as part of the Yuin Healing Trail, this movie screening will be held on 12 July at Cudmirrah - Berrara Community Hall.

This film will be presented by Yuin Elder Jrumpinjinbah (Paul McLeod) and Fire Chief Paul Gleeson, followed by Q&A and community discussion.

Kindly supported by Department of Regio9nal NSW and Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation Grant, there is no cost for you to attend, however, donations are greatly appreciated.

Doors open at 5.15pm so you can nourish yourself with bliss balls, fresh local fruit and a range of teas before the movie commences at 5.30pm.

Tickets are limited to 50 people per cinema, so please book your complimentary ticket to secure your spot.

If you can’t make this screening, there’s bound to be another date that works for you. 

Head to the SoulAdvisor events page to see the dates for all 15 movie nights between April to July 2023 across the Shoalhaven region.

The 16th and final screening will be featured as part of the Yuin Healing Trail in October.



About the Yuin Healing Trail

Commencing with our launch event on 5 May and culminating with the Yuin Healing Trail on 13-15 October, we’ll be hosting over 30 events that bring focus to the central role of Connecting to Country in the health of our communities.

Our rich lead up to October will also see the coming together of health practitioners and therapists in monthly Healing Hubs to engage in discussions on Healing Country, Yarn Circles and standalone Cultural workshops and programs.

Each of these entwines First Nations traditions with Western approaches, bringing together the best of both ways of seeing, being and doing so we can walk together towards a healed nation with a shared future.

You are warmly welcome to join the Yuin Healing Trail and all associated upcoming events to be part of this unfolding journey.

Express your interest to learn more about our vision and how you can play a role.

We all play a vital role in  the reciprocal healing between people and planet.


Host and facilitators

Jrumpinjinbah (Paul  Mcleod)

Jrumpinjinbah (Paul Mcleod)

Anyone who meets Jrumpinjinbah knows what a privilege and a pleasure it is to connect with him. Jrumpinjinbah means “crow medicine” and he has traveled the world sharing cultural stories, dance, music and art, carrying huge cultural responsibility for his people.

Every conversation is healing and Jrumpinjinbah loves bringing people back to their Indigenous roots. We all have our own story of connection to Country and our place of birth represents our clan and our story. We don’t own the land - we belong to it - and everything that you see is from the land.

As Jrumpinjinbah says: “Your human existence will only last for a short space of time, and from there you go back to the spiritual essence where everyone is equal. There is no ‘You’re greater than me or I’m greater than you’. You just are”. Jrumpinjinbah invites you to join him on Country to admire the beauty and pay homage to Mother Earth

Paul Gleeson

Paul Gleeson

Paul has spent his life exploring our lands and oceans, culminating in him being able to provide a continuing yaan with many layers sharing his fascinating experiences.
Paul has worked with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as a Discovery Ranger since 2003, has been in the NSW Rural Fire Service for over 35 years, and was also a State Forest Fire Tower Operator from 2001 to 2020.
He has a strong knowledge base and insight into Culture and Country and how best to be an ally to Aboriginal communities in making sure organisations understand more about Culture here in Yuin Country.

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