Girls Weekend Away - Heart Centred Living

Girls Weekend Away - Heart Centred Living

4-6 November 2022
695 Jamberoo Mountain Road, Jamberoo New South Wales 2533, Australia
This event has passed

Relax your spirit, nurture your body and embrace the sacredness of living through your heart.

Situated on top of a small mountain in the middle of lush rainforest, the Jamberoo Abbey is the perfect minimalist environment for going back to nature, recharging from the busyness of life and contemplative reflection.

Women coming together to unwind, relax, rejuvenate and move more deeply in the heart space as we connect to ourselves, our community and the land.   

Held across three days and two nights, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • invite the sounds of the frame drum as its resonance connects with your heart space
  • dive deep as you are guided through purposeful visualisations, and meditations
  • surrender to tolerance, compassion and love in the practice of Metta (loving kindness)
  • immerse yourself in a heart restorative journey to deepen your connection to nature
  • relax and restore with yoga nidra
  • activate the heart with a sound and song journey
  • experience being breathed by the surrounding rainforest at sunrise
  • start your day with yoga, breathwork, Qigong and movement practices
  • collaborating with the spirit of cacao through intention and ritual
  • finish our time together with a sacred closing ceremony.

To support true disconnection, this is a completely tech-free retreat with no wifi or phone service available. Note that if you do need reception to stay in touch with loved ones, Jamberoo town is a short 10-minute drive away.

The retreat centre and grounds support periods of quiet reflection, so there will be opportunities for partial silence for those who would like to explore this.

Your retreat pass is all-inclusive of accommodation, nutritional meals, nurturing program activities.   We believe that the retreat doesn't stop on the final day, so we are gifting an "At Home Retreat" guide to make the transition home a little lighter.

SoulAdvisor has intentionally set this up as an accessible retreat, accommodation is predominantly self contained accommodation with a mix of double and single bedding.  Each space has its own fully equipped kitchen, dining, bathroom and sitting room. Most rooms and cottages have their own verandah and garden/rainforest views. All linen and towels are provided.  

Throughout our carefully curated program, we’ve intentionally incorporated time to be alone, time to come together, and time to rejuvenate yourself.

With the retreat dates leading up to the full moon of Taurus on the 7th of November, it is a beautiful time for us to reflect, renew and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You’ll float away from this retreat feeling lighter, fully present and ready to live a heart-centred life, no matter what comes your way!

We welcome and encourage NDIS participants and carers to join us here at Jamberoo Abbey. 


Hosts and facilitators

Tania Sloan

Tania Sloan

As part of the SoulAdvisor team, Tania has helped many of you join our growing community.

She is also an experienced wellness educator, energy healer, meditation teacher and laughter yoga leader who uses the vibrational energies of sound, essences and essential oils alongside movement to witness the sacredness of daily life.

Her heart-centred meditation circles will take you on a deep healing journey in support of self-empowerment through self-love and healing.

Lars Skalman

Lars Skalman

Having worked for many decades as a chef, then studying wholefood and macrobiotic cooking, Lars loves showing people how to become more aware of how what they eat is affecting them.

As well as being our gourmet chef on this retreat, Lars will also immerse us in a slow-flow Japanese yoga class.

Lars devotes much of his time and energy to teaching and practicing yoga because he believes it is ideal for helping us cope with the demands of living in this era.

Mignon Mukti

Mignon Mukti

After 25 years in the wellness industry, Mignon is a widely known and well-respected biodynamic craniosacral therapist, sound healer and energy healer.

The focus of her work is about bringing all who she works with home to themselves, to be grounded, balanced and resourced to deal with life.

She uses a combination of her healing modalities, centring on the “tides of the body” to settle the nervous system, tuning the chakras and bringing it back into balance.


Justine Janssen

Justine Janssen

Justine is a highly regarded senior yoga teacher.

She has had over 20 years of yoga practice, including over a decade of owning and operating three yoga studios.

Justine believes that our purpose on the planet is directly linked to the gifts that we have received from the challenges we have faced. She helps people understand the superpowers we have gained to help us kickstart or shift gears.

Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis

Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis

Kerryn is an ecotherapist and eco-art therapist who works with nature as a co-therapist.

Kerryn is the founder and facilitator of the Certificate and Diploma of Ecotherapy and the co-author of "Nature Heals" An Introduction to Nature-Based Therapies in Australia and Aotearoa/NZ".

Working deeply and intentionally, Kerryn blends the emerging areas of eco-art therapy and eco-poetry therapy. She loves sharing the joy, surprise and adventure that nature brings.

Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook has worked in the health and wellness industry as a therapist/practitioner since 1999. She is a fully qualified naturopath, herbalist, colon hydrotherapist, doula, reiki practitioner and yin yoga teacher as well as having worked extensively as a remedial massage therapist.

Rebecca believes in a gentle individualised approach to her treatment plans. Her specialties include hormone balancing with women’s cycles, postpartum support and care, alkalising and detoxification, autoimmune conditions, thyroid conditions and skin conditions.  Rebecca loves enhancing her clients’ knowledge, awareness and responsibility for their health, which in turn supports them in achieving their health goals and sustaining long-lasting results.

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