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"SoulAdvisor provides me with a way to connect and hear the stories of practitioners I'm interested in, it is no longer a frustrating hit and miss experience for me now to find someone who can really understand my needs."
Elizabeth Fourment
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Intuitive Connections Lynette
Psychic Medium, Reiki & Flower Essences Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Meditation Facilitator
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Intuitive Connections

I'm as much a Spiritual Counsellor as a Spiritual Teacher and have been graced with some wonderfully supportive mentors during the years that have taught me how to both use my psychic abilities, (Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairtangency or Psychometry and Mediumship) and to better understand them. I hope to honour them by passing on as much knowledge as I can to those around me.

My goal is to provide my clients with psychic and intuitive readings that are fun and full of positive loving energy, even when messages delivered may occasionally be heavier in nature. 

As a Diploma qualified Resonance Crystal Healer and Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies,

I can also recommend Crystals to help you along in your journey and healing.

After discovering some wonderful new flower essences I am now a Tribe of the Tree flower essence practitioner. I also love to introduce you to these wonderful essences during your session, I've found they beautifully compliment all my treatments.

I also now run fortnightly live guided meditation nights every second Tuesday in Rhodes at The Connection, overlooking the river. A different subject is covered each class and sometimes I am guided to create new topics on the night, the atmosphere is very easy going. We have a wonderfully supportive group with many different levels of experience so even if it's your first time you will feel comfortable and simply enjoy the time to sit with such a warm and inviting group.

With over twenty years experience, my spirit guides and I are excited to help you to get in touch with your higher self and guides, to receive their loving guidance and support in whatever form it needs to come. In doing so I aim to give you a unique experience that reconnects you with your own spiritual awareness. 

Intuitive Readings
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Thursday: 10:30-19:00
Bianca de Reus
Animal Communication and Soul Connection Mentor
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Bianca de Reus - Connecting Soul Beings

Bianca de Reus was born and raised in the Netherlands. She found her way to Sydney, Australia in 1996, where shortly after she was approached by a wild snake who told her what her life purpose was to be.

Bianca is an inspiring and passionate Soul Being, who loves the connections between animals and people, bringing them together with love, joy, and harmony.

She is a game changing animal communicator and soul connection mentor who works outside the norm, and takes people to a higher energy when working with animals.

She helps conscious animals lovers to create harmony and love by connecting deeply with their animal friends.

Bianca is also a warm, engaging, and inspirational speaker. She is a soul connection mentor, spiritual activist, Master Reiki and Shambala healer.

Bianca lives her life with passion and enthusiasm, learning any lessons which arise, and healing herself by stepping into her heart and reconnecting with her Soul to listen and take inspired action. This has led her to develop spiritual abilities, which empower her to share her wisdom with people around the world.

Bianca lives in Sydney, Australia with her beautiful wife, son, and a very cute and cuddly dog. She loves indulging in licorice, chocolate, and whiskey, although not always together!

Bianca is a committed vegan who, in between work and travel, also enjoys photography, music, sunshine, nature, travel, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

When you find Bianca on stage, she will speak about a range of interesting things, including:

  • Tuning into animal language
  • Become familiar with your Spirit Abilities and Connections
  • Wake your S.E.L.F up!
  • Creating a co-working space at a high vibrational level
  • Discover Soul to Soul Connection
  • Your Pet is your Mirror

Her programs include:

  • Connecting Soul Beings (Mastery) Programs
  • Hello? Can you hear me? Online Course
  • Animal Communication Workshop
  • Connecting Soul Beings Podcast
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