Qualification process

At SoulAdvisor, we work hard to protect the integrity of our community and ensure you have an amazing experience.

Qualification Process For SoulAdvisor Practitioners

Promoting the right practitioners as part of our Global Collective is integral to our purpose and imperative for us to build trust with our brand.


We welcome all complementary wellness professionals and healers across the globe. Therefore, it is important we explain our selection criteria for practitioners in an open and transparent way for the benefit of all parties.


How it Works: A Five Step Process


Step 1: Practitioner registers, and provides required documentation


Step 2: We ensure this information meets our tailored checklist


Step 3: If all requirements are not met, the practitioner is contacted and given an opportunity to resubmit to meet our criteria


Step 4: If successful, the practitioner profile will be uploaded with testimonials and further social proof


Step 5: Ongoing customer reviews and ratings are monitored to ensure professionalism and customer care is maintained through our user-generated review system.


Our Selection Criteria:


To become an endorsed provider on our site, while acknowledging the various therapies we have created a 100-point check system based on the following criteria:


  • Registration to conduct business (Business Number) and Personal ID (eg. Drivers Licence/Passport/Government ID) – Mandatory, 20 points
  • Appropriate Insurances – Mandatory, 30 points
  • Recognised qualifications for the services they provide – 50 points
  • Membership of Professional Associations – 30 points


Other components can also be used to substantiate one’s ability to conduct business in a professional way, including:


  • Minimum of 3 x Customer testimonials – 20 points
  • An active social media profile – 10 points
  • An acknowledgement of multiple years in operation – 5 points
  • Holds a relevant Children’s Check – 5 points  

Have Your Say

Your feedback is important to us. If you would like to discuss our selection criteria or have further views on how our process can be improved,

please contact us today at connect@souladvisor.com