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Karen Curran

Karen Curran - The Heart of Us
Springwood, NSW, Australia
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About me

Karen is an artist and a qualified Art and Sandplay Therapist providing holistic counsel. Her interests range from Transpersonal Art and Sandplay Therapy, to music, dance and storytelling and their role in our healing. Sandplay and Art Therapy are modalities under the broad umbrella of 'counselling'. For many, it is experienced as a deep psychotherapy as we work from our inner worlds.

Transpersonal therapies are a creative approach to counsel using the body and emotions to help initiate ... healing. Different processes can be used to explore the hidden causes behind issues and to get to the heart of the matter.

Our bodies keep a record - experiences and emotions are imprinted in our cells and memory. Emotions and trauma - both actual and inherited - can and do affect behaviour, attitude and happiness until resolved.

On our journey to WELLNESS, we need a team of people to rely on.
So my work with you is complementary - goes with - anything else you are working with.

Our inner world reflects our outer world.
Sandplay is a holistic approach to counselling. By choosing miniature objects as they are called to you and placing them in the tray of sand, you will clearly display your inner world. This is to help you understand what is beneath the current situation or fear that you are facing at the time. Each session is different. Your sub-conscious or inner wisdom reveals unspoken issues and helps bring solutions. Sandplay Therapy is for all ages.

BENEFITS of using creative therapies in holistic counsel:
- Can help build self-esteem
- Can help share what is deep within when words are not enough
- Can help with focus
- Can help with concentration
- Can help gain clarity and insight
- Can help build self confidence
- Can help transform anxiety
- Safe, gentle and powerful processes for all ages
- Non threatening
- No experience required - it’s about the process not the end result
- Can help and explore issues such as life changes, identity and relationships
- Can help resolve inner conflicts
- Can help make sense of behaviours
- Can help express and awaken deeper emotions in order to inner heal
- Can help with behaviour and emotions where there is no medical causation
- Can help understanding of emotions and how to process them
- Can help with problem solving
- Can help with inner healing the wounds of the past
- Can help with processing and transforming grief
- Can help with processing and transforming trauma
- Can help with finding direction
- Can help transform depression where there is no medical causation
- Can help with mindfulness
- Can help with internal spiritual crisis - of understanding the role of our soul
- Can help with processing and transforming nightmares and fears
- Can help live a happier and more peaceful way from within
- Can help alleviate burnout.

Karen resides in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia with her husband and their cat and visiting bird wildlife. She enjoys the wildlife and bush areas of the mountains.

Her passion is to make a difference, and to inspire hope from everything she does including helping people transform the stories they tell themselves. Her focus is on women, children, adolescents and teens and offers sessions online or studio.


“Karen has a natural gift to take on you on a transformative journey that can ignite the light within your heart and soul.” SM

"Karen's work and authenticity speak gently and exquisitely to what is needed in the soul of the world at this time." BC
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Membership of professional associations

  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists
  • Holistic Therapies Australia Inc

Education and training

Dip. Clinical and Educational Art Therapy
Cert. Circalore Shamanism & Transformational Mask
Cert. Sandplay Practitioner
Grief and Loss Counselling - Advanced Study Major

Holds a relevant Working With Children Check


Karen Curran’s studio location

PO Box 388, Springwood, NSW 2777 Australia

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Art Therapy

A holistic approach to counsel using Art Therapy and Sandplay.

A way to share your deepest fears and troubles in safety, and find a way through, ... without judgement.

We use creative therapies including Art and Sandplay Therapy, to help transform what is troubling you, working on emotions and feelings to empower you to find solutions that work for you.

Art Therapy can be experienced online for those afar.
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1h 15mn
175 AUD
1h 30mn
210 AUD
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