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Kelly Lawson

Coaching Quad
Glendale, NSW, Australia
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About me

Kelly is a business coach who works in collaboration with other conscious business operators and individuals looking to raise the level of awareness and consciousness for people working in teams, collaborations and partnerships.

Based on Fred Kofman’s book Conscious Business, How to Build Value through Value, conscious business is about: shining awareness on every area of work; recognizing the needs of others and expressing your own; seeing the hidden emotional obstacles that may be holding you ... or your team back; making good decisions under pressure; and delving into such spiritual questions as "Who am I?" and "What is my real purpose here?"

With more than 20 years of experience in corporate governance, Kelly works with her clients to be accountable in achieving their ‘best work’.

She raises awareness for the need to create safe workplaces so people are supported and feel safe in order for them to do their best work. Kelly has a proven coaching process that is built around three simple themes: trust, traction and teamwork.

Kelly believes many people aren’t equipped to understand or manage the diversity of personalities in the workplace. However, these differences bring creativity and innovation to stagnant and old-fashioned models of business.

By embracing the diversity of work styles in individuals, businesses can leverage talents and passions, invigorate their businesses and create a much happier workplace.

Kelly coaches individuals and businesses using a unique assessment tool that measures motivation and attitudes, and showcases strengths and potential blind spots. She has a particular interest in the interpersonal relationships and communication dynamics that make up happy, diverse, functional and profitable teams.

From this point, she works with business owners to leverage their personal leadership in the management of people, and to build conscious business practices into their daily operations. She also works with individuals looking to find and create work that brings joy and purpose in what they do.

Kelly’s coaching is useful for individuals, organisations and small businesses that want to make humans a priority in the way they undertake their business.

In recent years, Kelly has been collaborating with Glow up Careers who support qualified refugees to find jobs and careers.
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Membership of professional associations

  • International Association of Business Communication

Education and training

NLP Practitioner and NS Practitioner (Meta-NLP Practitioner)
Meta States Practitioner - Completion of Module 2 of the Meta-Coach Training System

Holds a relevant Working With Children Check


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Discovery call session

A discovery call will provide an opportunity to ask questions and gain an understanding about your current challenges, goals and pain points. ... This is a key opportunity for us to start building a relationship and understand how I may be able to assist you.

You can also learn more about my expertise and knowledge, the success I have had in helping others with similar issues, and consider whether my offerings will be able to meet your needs.

Ultimately, a discovery call helps to determine if there is a good fit and we can decide if we would like to take the next steps together.
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This is a one time free session
15 min
Fingerprint for Success Debrief

2.5 hour debrief of unique motivations and attitudes you display at work. Using her coaching skills, Kelly will help you learn about your unique ... talents, your lower strengths and blindspots when you work in collaboration with others. Great for developing leadership in how you work for yourself and with others. Read more

2 hr 30 min
350 AUD
Fingerprint for Success - Leader as Coach

Stop trying to make people do things, leverage their skills, motivations and attitudes to create seamless collaboration projects!
These sessions ... are perfect for anyone wanting to build coaching strategies instead of telling people what to do. It's great for anyone building collaborative business practice and collaboration projects. Learn ways to ensure your values are matched and found with your collaborators, get assertive and supportive. Know your value in what you offer. Packages available for 3-6 months. Read more

2 hr
195 AUD