Want to know more about SoulAdvisor?

Be it you would like to know who is behind SoulAdvisor, what has been planned in the future or how you can get involved – we have your questions, answered.

What is SoulAdvisor?

SoulAdvisor has four main areas we focus on: a global collective, booking platform for wellness practitioners, our SoulAdvisor Business Academy and a ‘not for profit’ foundation to advance education and promote an awareness of complementary medicine and its benefits in treating health issues for the public benefit.


  1. Purpose-driven, global collective  of trusted complementary health practitioners and healers who have joined together to support people on their wellness journey, and by doing so creating a happier, healthier planet.


  1. Through our global booking platform practitioners will be able to connect with health conscious clients anywhere in the world, share their message around wellness, while have the capability to receive bookings and payments directly for the services they provide.


  1. The SoulAdvisor Business Academy aims to support our practitioners to do their work with ease. As part of our offering to the practitioner and healing community we are building the SoulAdvisor Business Academy, with future plans to expand on its capability and offer additional support across marketing, business resources and educational programs.


  1. Education and creating a legacy for future generations. In addition, SoulAdvisor has set up a ‘not for profit’ foundation, SoulAdvisor Foundation to advance education and promote an awareness of complementary medicine and its benefits in treating health issues for the public benefit.

What is the purpose of SoulAdvisor?

SoulAdvisor’s purpose is to seamlessly connect quality wellness providers from all over the globe with health conscious clients seeking their services, and to provide support and care to our skilled practitioners to ensure they can do their healing work with ease.

Through our considered qualification process, ongoing review system and educational content, we aim to become a trusted resource for your overall wellbeing.

We have undertaken extensive research with practitioners and consumers to ensure that we deliver to our brand promise. Currently, we are in a fast period of growth as we continue our process of selecting and registering practitioners from all over the world.

By our official consumer launch, which is scheduled for 2020 we intend to have thousands of complementary health practitioners, registered in over 80 cities.

Who is behind SoulAdvisor?

After a nomadic childhood as a result of fleeing the Khmer Rouge for Sydney, Australia, and later returning to her country of Cambodia, Elain Younn has always found personal healing through various wellness modalities.

Now a practitioner herself, Elain felt compelled to create an easier way to connect people to practitioners, whether from around the corner or around the world.

Listen to her story


Is there a team involved, and who are they?

Since Elain’s initial vision of SoulAdvisor in 2015, she has handpicked an international team of qualified experts in their field to build on the vision of global wellness, and to bring their skills, expertise and insights into the offering.


The SoulAdvisor core team consists of:


Elain Younn (Founder and Managing Director)

Deborah Shepherd (CEO/Director)

Taylor MacDonald  (Marketing, Sales & PR)

Monica O’Brien (Practitioner Education)

Jeppe Mariager-Lam (CTO, Information Technology)

Benjamin Gray (Business Projects)

Phallin Hor (IT Project Manager)

Katrina Savell (Branding & Strategy Development)

Doreen Brown (SEO Specialist)

Jade Tustin (Events Management)


With many others joining the team through the various stages of design, development and implementation. We anticipate as SoulAdvisor grows and expands further opportunities will open up, for others to bring their skills and expertise into this global community.

How are you selecting your practitioners?

Our intention is to be a trusted global resource in all areas of wellness.


When deciding to become part of the SoulAdvisor community our wellness practitioners are asked to step through our selection criteria and qualification process.. This is our first step to ensure our practitioners are qualified to do what they are promoting and ensure your needs are met.


To continue to ensure you receive a great customer experience, we encourage you to provide your reviews and welcome any feedback & suggestions.


If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us.

Why was SoulAdvisor Foundation created, and how does this work within SoulAdvisor’s global vision of wellness?

SoulAdvisor Foundation has been created as a registered ‘not for profit’ Foundation to advance education and promote an awareness of complementary medicine and its benefits in treating health issues for the public benefit.


As a charitable organisation, the objects of its constitution bind and influence all decisions made by the appointed Directors, these include: to provide educational content both digitally and through various mediums, invite thought leaders and healers on a global scale to share ideas, host events and seminars to explore the benefits of complementary health, to conduct and publish scientific, independent research on the effectiveness of different complementary therapies and to financially support & resource projects that would expand our collective knowledge of wellness


SoulAdvisor Foundation has been structured to ensure 100% funds raised will be allocated to these objectives, while covering operational costs and ensuring a legacy remains to continue expanding an awareness of complementary health for future generations.

What if I want be involved as a practitioner, and how much will it cost?

To become involved, you first need to register


Once we have your details, we will then go through a series of steps to qualify your practice. It is important to ensure you have adequate qualification, insurances and the ability to deliver your service in a professional manner to be part of our global collective.


You can read our qualification criteria and process to understands the steps involved.


As a registered practitioner, there will be nominal fee to be involved on our global platform. Once a booking is made, a booking fee of 10% will also be charged.


Our booking functionality will enable you to allocate your available times, different types of services and once an appointment is made, payment can also be processed to your nominated bank account.


Through SoulAdvisor your customers (and potential customers) will be able to find, book and pay for your services.

What does it mean to be an SoulAdvisor Ambassador?

Selection as a SoulAdvisor Ambassador is a unique opportunity to support the important and incredible work of the wellness industry across the globe.


If you have a passion for our industry, and would love to play an active leadership role within our purpose-driven collective, then check out details on how to become an Ambassador

What if I’m not a practitioner, is there any other way to connect?

The best way to connect, and ensure we can keep you up to date with progress is to register your interest


You can also keep in touch with our social platforms –    

Can I contribute to your online educational hub?

Our official website will have a dedicated content area named “Your Sanctuary”, which will house different types of content, including a blog. We will also be launching a print version of this “Your Sanctuary, The Magazine” in 2020 with further guest contributor opportunities.


We invite members of our community and beyond to contribute to ‘Your Sanctuary’ with original written submissions to be featured on the SoulAdvisor website including a story or experience that may help inspire and enrich the lives of others.


We encourage content that is informative but accessible, easy to read and engaging to our readers to facilitate commentary and shares online.


For more information, here are our Editorial Guidelines

How will SoulAdvisor develop in the future?

SoulAdvisor has been set up to support a vision of global wellness, our tagline “Nourish Your Soul. Heal Our World” influences where we decide to put our collective energy.


We have many things already planned in the pipeline to meet this global vision however we are also open to feedback and suggestion from our community, and welcome your input via our contact page